After Care 

Aftercare is a vital part in getting the best outcome for your tattoo, please read the below information to give you the best results. 

If you have any concerns about your healing please contact me as soon as possible using the following email and title your email AFTERCARE.


DO keep your tattoo clean 

DO Apply a think layer of moisturiser if its feeling dry 

DO use clean bedding, clothing etc.

DO wash your tattoo with and unsented or tattoo cleanser,  using gentle circular motions.

DO treat yourself gently after a large tattoo your immune systems has just been through a lot. 

Do wash your hands before touching or applying tattoo aftercare.

Do ask what creams you can use if you wish to not purchase dedicated aftercare. 


DON’T scrub your tattoo or dry it with towels or corse materials.

DON’T apply thick layers of moisturiser this can suffocate your tattoo

DON’T let others touch (including animals) your tattoo until it is full healed.

DON’T use exfoliators or harsh chemicals on your unhealed tattoo.

DON’T go swimming, submerge in water  or expose your tattoo to the sun until it is healed.

DON’T scratch or pick your tattoo.

DON’T share tattoo aftercare creams.

DON’T  use any creams not recommended to you. 


Cling Film After Care 

If cling film is used please leave it wrapped up for two hours after your tattoo.

 Once the two hours are up remove the cling film and gently wash your tattoo.

The first night it is recommended that you rewrap your tattoo with cling film to protect your tattoo and your bed sheets from excess ink and plasma don’t apply any cream under this and make sure your tattoo is clean and dry. 

In the morning remove the cling film and repeat the cleaning process.

From here you will want to keep your tattoo clean and apply moisturiser when it feels dry and in a thin light layer you do not need to reapply cling film. 

If you are going to be doing anything that you think you may get dirt or dust in the tattoo you can rewrap your tattoo during this time. To do this you must-

Not apply cream underneath the cling film

Change the cling film every two hours and wash and air dry between changes.

You will only need to do this until the tattoo has formed a protective scab and it is not recommended for an extended period of time. 

Second Skin Aftercare

Please follow the instructions in the above video unless I have stated otherwise depending on the style of your tattoo. 

Removal after 24 hours is not always necessary, a general rule of thumb is 


Line work and light shading - leave on for 2- 3 days. 

Solid Black work or Colour - remove after 24 hours and reapply.

Please do not removed saniderm dry this can damage your tattoo only remove it in the shower slowly soaking the saniderm as you go so it eases off.


If your saniderm is compromised - has a whole, tear or is peeling close to the tattoo please remove it as soon as possible as the barrier is compromised. 

More detailed Aftercare



Click the link below to access a google Doc with more detailed aftercare information.


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